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Program Updates Q4 2016



Packed with positive energy and awesome music, BODYATTACK™ 95 features everything from old favorites like Ready Or Not Here I Come to cool new tracks such as Do It Right. We love the brand new Squat/Lunge combo in track two. It’s the perfect way to fire up the legs and get them ready for challenge of track four – four monster sets of Lunges where each set gets progressively harder! Another highlight is track five, where the driving beat will motivate you through some serious upper body strength training.

Thanks to lots of positive feedback we know that the soft, slow yet driving music of recent releases is proving to be a hit – and this release features more of the same. The Tai Chi track, which has one of the loveliest modern sounds yet, sets the scene of beauty to come. The Standing Strength in track three is surprisingly tough and this release’s core challenges will knock your socks off – if you’re crazy enough to be wearing any!

This revolutionary release sees the introduction of mobility, core and conditioning into the Warmup and a killer first Boxing track that will smash the shoulders and lungs early on. Introducing Evasive Boxing techniques brings some excellent core engagement and with Mountain Climbers and Modified Bear Crawls there’s plenty of opportunity to hit the floor. There’s more than enough lung-busting cardio and reactive core training, and the workout wraps up with some explosive abdominal work.

BODYJAM™ 79 is yet another killer release that will see you dancing hard. The intensity kicks in early with some epic Latin House and an ‘old school new school’ Hip Hop mashup. It reaches a peak with Into You – the track G believes is the greatest combo in the history of dance fitness. The second cardio block features a hot yet chilled out club track and culminates with Anywhere But Home – an awe-inspiring, progressive slammer that will blow you away.

It doesn’t get any bigger than this! Filmed on a grand scale in an iconic Auckland venue, the BODYPUMP™ 100 extravaganza features 28 international presenter teams leading a truly epic workout. With over 1000 reps and a focus on power and intensity, BODYPUMP 100 will leave you buzzing for hours. BODYPUMP 100 will be unveiled in a massive global launch on January 14, but don’t fret – we’re releasing four special bonus tracks to tide you over.

BODYSTEP™ 106 is a perfect mix of work and play, with driving energetic music creating a musical journey and keeping your mind off your heavy breathing and that massive lower-body burn! The first cardio peak introduces Box Burpees to send heart rates skywards and you’ll love the explosiveness that goes with the new Propulsive Rotating Double Squat. There are new exercises in the core track, and plenty of fresh moves in the BODYSTEP Athletic class too – give it a go if you want less frills and more grunt.

BODYVIVE 3.1  41
The music is always a highlight of every BODYVIVE™ 3.1 release, but word on the street is that this one is a winner! You start by training the legs early on, then the intensity goes up a notch with tracks four and five pushing you to your cardio peak. There is the BODYVIVE version of voguing to look forward to, along with plenty of glute firing action. When the active recovery hits, you’ll certainly feel like you’ve earned it. As always, there are two magical bonus tracks to make up a 55-minute workout.

Featuring incredible rhythms and fantastic contrasts, this release is packed with options – which means you can take ownership of each exercise and personalize it to ensure successful movement quality. The variations for Pushup Hovers, Crescent Lunges and Rotating Planks will step you closer to building strength and stability. What’s more, there are plenty of moves that tick the endurance and conditioning box, so this workout will help with prevention of injury too.

RPM 73
Like all RPM™ workouts this release takes you on a 45-minute journey up and down hills, across flat roads and on a mountain climb, but don’t expect a standard ride – there are plenty of surprises to keep you on your toes. After an unusually smooth build in track two your energy will be firing for a set of surprisingly short heavy climbs and fast standing attacks. Throughout the workout there’s plenty of opportunity to build resistance and great music to motivate you to push your limits.

SH’BAM™ 26 is the perfect balance of simple and sexy. Featuring everything from butt and leg-shaping Afro Bounce to gorgeous slow contemporary dance, it’s jam-packed with 45-minutes of slick and stylish movement combos. A highlight is the introduction of the bonus track – an epic dance finale where everyone just ‘cuts loose’, immerses themselves in dance and stays there for a whole five minutes!

When it comes to LES MILLS GRIT™ Series 19 the words ‘next level’ say it all. This round each of the three different HIIT workouts feature a massive six rounds of work. And, for the first time ever, they all kick off with a 1-Minute Challenge – so you’re guaranteed to have your heart rate racing and sweat dripping from the get-go.

LES MILLS SPRINT™ 6 is simple and uncomplicated in design, yet packed with intensity and challenge. Thanks to the introduction of Pyramid Training and an Extended Tabata this HIIT workout will maximally tax aerobic and anaerobic systems, burning a huge amount of calories and getting you seriously fit, seriously fast.

Brace yourself for an exciting and radically different immersive experience. THE TRIP™ 8 pairs finely tuned physical intensity with the most abstract music and visuals we’ve seen yet. There is a heavy focus on shapes, symmetry, textures and color palettes and a road design with serious wow factor. The workout is highlighted by two Pyramid training style tracks that will blow your mind.

BORN TO MOVE™ 10 looks like nothing you’ve seen before. For the first time ever each of the five BORN TO MOVE releases feature a brand new highly engaging style of filming. Like always, the vibrant music is tailored to suit age groups perfectly, and there are some fabulous new dance moves thrown into the mix. The Pilot, Taco Nachos and Move Your Feet are set to be favorites with 6-7 year olds, and 8-12 year olds will love the energy-packed dance tracks and ninja-inspired martial arts. There’s a great attitude-heavy dance track for the teens and when Ill Behavior plays they’ll love letting loose with ‘give it all you’ve got’ punching.