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LES MILLS BARRE proud supporters of The Sebastian Foundation

LES MILLS BARRE proud supporters of The Sebastian Foundation

We're proud to announce the new partnership between LES MILLS BARRE and The Sebastian Foundation to help bring change, empowerment, support and a quiet space to those who need it most.

The Sebastian Foundation, founded by Guy and Jules Sebastian, is making a difference in the lives of families across Australia who are impacted by domestic violence, serious illness and underprivilege.

The partnership will allow The Sebastian Foundation to fund a specific project that will benefit a community going through a tough time in Australia, such as renovating a kitchen and living area in refuges, creating gardens in women's shelters, or donating sleeper beds to enable families to stay together during treatment for a sick family member.

LES MILLS BARRE believes in creating a community support network within a club, and The Sebastian Foundation also believes in empowering those less fortunate and in need.

The Sebastian Foundation are offering for gyms that partner with LES MILLS BARRE before 30 June 2018 to have the chance to win a mentoring workshop with Jules Sebastian in their club.

This partnership is exciting for LES MILLS BARRE as it's providing the opportunity to bring Les Mills' core values to the surface and showcase why we do what we do. So make sure you get along to a LES MILLS BARRE class or partner with LES MILLS BARRE by 30 June, so you can support the local community and know that every move you make is helping someone in need.

Find out more about getting LES MILLS BARRE in your facility or becoming an instructor by contacting: ask@lesmills.com.au

Find out more about The Sebastian Foundation: https://thesebastianfoundation.org/