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Drive more members into your facility with the world's most powerful workout


Letter from the editor

The launch of BODYPUMP's 100th release in January is going to be the biggest member acquisition and retention launch event for health clubs worldwide. Thousands of gyms around the world are joining to make sure everyone hears about this milestone for the most popular weight training class in the world.

We at Les Mills are committed to “Creating a Fitter Planet” by assisting health clubs grow both their membership and attendance to their facilities.

We would like our partners to leverage this once in a lifetime event as we globally launch BODYPUMP 100 on January 14th 2017 to the world. Below are some best practices for you to work with to ensure this milestone event drives people through your door and into the Group Fitness experience that proves to be the best new member converter.

Planning is the key to success!

This is going to be a huge opportunity at arguably one of the busiest acquisition times for health clubs, solid planning, goal setting and execution are going to ensure a great event and result for your club, we have developed all the tools you need, “So let’s get you started.”

Set a goal, not a wish.

Most importantly we must know what it is we are trying to achieve, this puts into play the action and behaviours required to achieve those goals, along with providing purpose for the entire club keeping everyone focused.

Acquisition or Retention?

With January being the busiest time for new members coming on board as they return from the holiday period and kick start their New Year’s Resolutions, it makes sense that we maximise the opportunity to attract new members as an event focus.

Determine the number of new members you believe the best event could possibly attract to your club. It would be realistic to say that on the day you could attract 20, 30 or even 50 new members just by following the below suggestions. The way to work on this is to first determine the spaces you will allocate to prospective members across the number of BODYPUMP classes you will run, depending on your room size and allocation of staff to speak to the prospects may also determine this goal. Secondly understanding what your conversion ratios are will determine how many prospects you will need to invite to reach your new member target, i.e. if your conversion ratio is 50% and your target is 20 new members, you will need to ensure you have 40 prospects at your event, it is worth knowing that close ratio’s at great events are usually higher than usual ratios.

Change the Game on the Day.

There is a real opportunity to make this day a special event. Altering your usual Timetable to ensure you run enough BODYPUMP classes will help ensure you have the spaces available for your potential members. We recommend you run multiple BODYPUMP 100 classes on the day still allowing space for your current members. Potentially have 4-5 BODYPUMP classes spread out across the day with activities or other program running in between will be the best approach.

Lots of activities supporting the event such as health consults, nutrition seminars / advice and supplement education can all be very valuable offerings.

Marketing of the event.

External marketing activities would need to be activated 2-4 weeks prior to the event and we have produced a toolkit for clubs to use.

Internal campaigns such as member referrals and in house class passes will complement that.


Toolkit includes:

  • Posters and banners images that can be customised and downloaded
  • Digital and social marketing tools.
  • A platform where you can easily customize marketing material for your club and your event
  • Exciting video and studio design tools
  • How to guides to support successful implementation
  • How to guides to help you utilize these marketing tools

Prior to the event:

Success of the event will hinge on all departments knowing and playing their part. Reception has to meet and greet and be aware of start and finish times of classes, along with any registration and sign in procedure. Sales staff need to ensure they meet guests before and after the class to go through goals and needs analysis and present the special membership offer you have available on the day, and finally, your Instructors will need to ensure they deliver an amazing event and look after all the new comers to the class, whilst catering to the regulars and making any announcements that will help the inform guests.

  • Guests need to be confirmed and qualified
  • Do they live or work close by?
  • What is their health and fitness goal?
  • Are they keen to get started straight away?

The Big Day:

Time to think BIG! BODYPUMP100 comes around once, so have your club themed to really change the look and feel and make it something special. Multiple Instructors could team teach the classes to really create energy and staff who know what’s happening who can direct people effectively will make a difference. Smooth sales processes will ensure you hit your membership goal. Live feeds on social media channels to take the energy out of the club to your digital connections will attract more attention to your brand. Competitions and giveaways are fun, but ultimately, strive to make people fall in love with BODYPUMP and your club.

Stay tuned as we launch additional club support tools for use. Your Regional Account Manager will be able to support you with strategies to make this event the biggest event ever held in your club.


Andrew Taylor, National Account Manager AUS


Account Management Team

Scott Lambert (QLD – WA)

Tony Zonato (ACT – NSW)

Miriam Jaclyn Cohen (SA – VIC)

Andrew Taylor (TAS – NT)


South East Asia Account Management

Hylton Drake (Business Development Manager, South East Asia)

Preecha Sodsai (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Guam, Brunei, Maldives and Papua New Guinea)

Maylin Leong (Malaysia & Singapore)

Wayne Yap (Indonesia & Philippines)