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We are so proud of our Instructor Tr1be and all they do to change lives and create a fitter planet. We often hear stories about them going above and beyond to achieve great things, and wanted to share some of the news. Here’s a selection of inspirational and truly uplifting stories that have been submitted to the Les Mills Asia Pacific office.


Maldives Winner

winnerLes Mills BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP and BODYATTACK Instructor Mariyam Abdul Kareem, has taken out three gold medals at the Maldives National Athletics Tournament held on the 6-8th October 2016. She has been teaching Les Mills nonstop since 2009, and has gained a very loyal following over the years. Described by her class participants as a fitness role model, Mariyam’s classes across the 3 programs are always fully packed because of her passion and sheer dedication. The mother of 2 is proof that at 41 years young, with just a few training sessions from a famous local coach before the event - if you can, you will.


Gold medal winner 5000m - 21 min 52 seconds
Gold medal winner 1500m - 5min 48 seconds 
Gold medal winner 800m - 2 min 45 seconds 


Exceptional Enzo

enzoThis piece was submitted by Andrew Ward, owner of Push Fitness, Melbourne. He piloted a program partnership with a group called Job Support, providing paid employment for young people living with Down Syndrome. Andrew met Enzo Boza-Sanchez through the rewarding and life changing initiative and this is his story.

In 2013 I was connected with Enzo through Job Support and we hit it off from day one. Staff and members from YMCA Docklands will know Enzo as a hard working young man who helps keep the gym clean and tidy. He always has a smile on his face, and energetically meets and greets members in the mornings while handing out towels at the front desk. Enzo lives with a disability, but you wouldn't know it - his attitude and mind set are inspiring.

What I heard today about Enzo (just by chance) was an amazing story that makes him even more special, so hold on to your hats and tissues.


Every day, Enzo comes to work and goes through his regular routine. Right from the commencement of his employment, we introduced a daily performance target for Enzo with a reward for achieving the daily milestone. Enzo’s daily reward is a small chocolate.

Up until today, I had this vision of Enzo going home after a hard day’s work, playing with his dog, and sitting on the couch where he can enjoy his chocolate. That’s what I would do.

Enzo tells me he has a special box for all his chocolates, up in his top cupboard in his bedroom. Why I asked? Maybe he has a chocolate feast every weekend? I wasn’t sure, but it was his business.

Today I found out where all the chocolates go, and it’s not in Enzo's tummy.

What he does with the chocolates is the amazing part of this true story. Every time Enzo fills this special box with chocolates, his dad helps him send them to poor children living in poverty in Chile so they can have some chocolates. So here is a young guy with incredible odds against him, but he still manages to make a difference in the world and help others in greater need than himself. So next time you are feeling a bit blue, or think the world is against you, think about Enzo and how he takes on the world and all its challenges and wins!


Smiling for Smiddy

smiddyBack at the beginning of 2016, three regular RPM participants, Kevin Moultrie, Harry Notaras and Mark Morrison, set themselves a challenge to complete a gruelling 9 day, 1700km ride from Adelaide to Uluru, with a mission to raise money for cancer research through the organization Smiling for Smiddy.

They successfully completed the ride on 13th June 2016 as part of a 60 rider peloton that raised over $425,000 for cancer research. As a team, Kevin, Harry and Mark raised the most of any of the riders – an astounding total of $66,000

These gentlemen aged in their 50’s have been longstanding participants of RPM at Fitness First Bondi Platinum and originally met and became friends through Les Mills classes. With professional guidance from Amanda Breen, Senior Les Mills Trainer and Presenter in RPM, BODYJAM and SPRINT the men achieved amazing fitness results from regular 5.45am sessions which greatly helped them prepare for their ride. The trio also went through a program to help develop their mental fitness which got them through some testing times along the way.

Congratulations to Kevin, Mark, Harry and the entire team for your perseverance and spirit over the 9 day trek through the Australian outback. Your accomplishment is truly inspiring and life changing for those in cancer care.

For more information about Smiling for Smiddy, or to register for a challenge, check the website or Facebook