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Nic begins his instructor journey










If you were at the Fitness and Health Expo earlier this year you might remember the name Nic Dowse. Nic along with team member Renee Jones, won (for the second consecutive year) Les Mills GRIT™ Champs.

Nic, a participant in GRIT Strength but never an Instructor decided to take the plunge and attend Training in Melbourne last month. We were interested to see how he felt going into training, here is what he had to say.

What are you expecting from the training?

I am expecting a physical and mental challenge. Similar to the GRIT Champs I know I will have to work beyond fatigue and I expect that through these challenging times there will be some strong team bonds formed.

How did you get endorsement?

I am lucky enough that my brother is the Fitness Manager at Genesis in Preston where they run GRIT classes so I approached him and he agreed to endorse me. 

How long have you been participating in GRIT?

I was first exposed to GRIT about 18 months ago; the facility I worked in at the time had it on the timetable. I was so nervous before hand because I had heard how intense it was. I quickly found out that each class was only as intense as you make it for yourself, so naturally I worked my butt off and found that intensity!

Which GRIT strain is your strongest/favourite?

Due to my CrossFit background and doing a lot of weight training in the gym I find GRIT Strength my strongest and I enjoy using the bars and plates as well. However, I am yet to participate in a full GRIT Plyo class and could be persuaded.

How long have you been a PT?

I have been PT’ing for a little over 2 years now, and just over 12 months operating my own business independently.

Do you teach any other programs?

I am also certified in BODYPUMP. I have found that this knowledge and experience really helped me in learning choreography and coaching the GRIT Strength exercises.

What have you done to prepare for training?

I have kept up my strength and HIIT training programs mixed in with football training and games, as well as 3 BODYPUMP classes per week.

I have also spent the last week and a half with my GRIT music on repeat everywhere I drive to listen to the beat and the time intervals in the music.

How are you feeling?

I don’t usually perform a high amount of plyometric exercises so I am quite nervous about the next couple of days as to how my body will hold up, but I am also reassured by the quality of coaching that I know I will receive that I will be moving safely and effectively.

Are there areas you have identified you will ask for coaching on?

I am going into the weekend with an open mind. I am quite confident with my technique and how I move, so I’m hoping to learn and develop my coaching skills as a GRIT instructor.

Which tracks do you have? How are you learning your choreography?

I have Strength tracks 3 and 4, and Cardio tracks 2 and 4. I have been listening the my music flat out and take my choreo notes everywhere I go so that I can check and re-check that I have everything perfect.

Stay tuned for Nic’s next episode.

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