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Q1 2015 Program Updates 2015-02-04

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Introducing the new short format BODYATTACK® classes: BODYATTACK® 30 and BODYATTACK® 45. This release focuses on sports conditioning, and introduces the Burpee with Wide Tuck Jump. Functional training is a big focus of this program now, getting participants fitter for life.

We’ve got two awesome new poses to inspire participants - the Angel Pose and Turtle Pose, along with a deconstructed Sun Salutation to give understanding to each part of the movement. This release is a musical journey, with artists from Maroon 5 to Sia and Beyonce.

This release is all about integrated movement patterns using Mixed Martial Arts conditioning principles. Release highlights are found in the use of authentic Boxing rhythm, the Dynamic Pull, and an evolution of the front kick, as well as a huge shift in training with MMA inspired groundwork.

With a mashup of dance styles, interwoven with incredible modern beats that tear the roof off any club, participants will be dancing to new Hip Hop, Festival Trap and the best of Oldschool.

This release focuses on the principle of continuous tension training. Tempo, range, isometric loading and limited rest are all used to help tone, shape, strengthen and burn calories more effectively.

In the Classic format this time round, participants will be challenged mentally and physically with moves like the Diamond and the Revolving OTT, while they’ll set free in the Athletic Circuit with no rules on which way to turn – “organised chaos” at its best!

Cross training continues to sit at heart of this program, with a perfect mix of strength, cardio and core training. Participants will get an all-over workout, set to music that appeal to a broad group. New moves like the Ski Jump, and old favourites like the Side Tap With Twist.

Participants will feel challenged in their obliques and shoulders in this release. Look out for innovative exercises like the Kneeling Weighted Triangle, the Resisted Running Man and The Modified Alligator Pushups. These new moves help to avoid training plateaus and keep participants challenged.

RPM™ 66 
The overall focus in this class is shorter blocks of work that get progressively harder. This form of training pushes cardio limits! The workout is set to an epic soundtrack that will keep participants coming back for more.

SH’BAM® 19
There’s a track for every generation in this mix! From ‘nu skool’ disco to old school disco, from Bang Bang to Dreamgirls. The choreography is easy to follow and perfectly matched to each song – this one is definitely a hit!

These new release bring a fresh structure that will challenge even the fittest participants. There is a big focus on smart recoveries so participants hit their max training zone when they’re in the work. Set to some of the freshest beats out, Giant Sets, 100 Second Challenges and Coach Calls are a sure fire way to get you fit, fast.

The enjoyment of fitness is the major focus in all Born To Move™ classes. In Block 2 of our 2-3 year old class children pretend to be a snake, turtle, kangaroo and robot. Parents will love track 2 in the 4-5 year old class as kids pretend to clean! The older age groups (6-7, 8-12 and 13-16 years old) have some great teaching about muscles and lungs, and what their functions in the body are.