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Ready? AIM, Fire!



If you have been thinking about taking an Advanced Instructor Module, but aren’t sure about what is involved, or why you should, read on…

Advanced Instructor Module (AIM) 1 is focused on program essence, dramatically improving your technique and revolutionising your approach to advanced coaching.

After about a year of teaching, Advanced Instructor Module (AIM) 2 allows Instructors to master the 5 key elements of teaching in a holistic manner.

We asked some Tr1be members that recently took the challenge, exactly what they got out of it…

Pete Peterson – GRIT STRENGTH AIM 1 (launched mid-October) 

“From technique to coaching, the GRIT AIM 1 module has it covered. The content is directly relevant to the program. It will challenge you both physically and mentally, yet you will feel refreshed at the end of day. We often talk about taking members to the next level, well now you will have the tools to do it. My advice is don’t approach this as a chance to impress. If you want to experience real growth, choose the stream you find the most challenging. I can guarantee you will be excited to coach your next workout after this module.”

Simon Ngo – RPM AIM 1

"I would totally recommend AIM1 to any instructors out there. We often get comfortable after a few months/years of teaching and post-certification, so AIM1 is the perfect opportunity to reconnect our teaching closer to the essence of the program and improve our technical execution and coaching layers. It is definitely a day well spent with a highly experienced trainer using fun exercises and drills to take you through the journey and bring out the best in your teaching. Most importantly and valuable is that we get to spend time in a safe space among our peers to allow us to make the mistakes without judgment and learn from these mistakes."

Ash Gallagher – CXWORX AIM 1

“I attended AIM 1 hoping to improve my technique and coaching in CXWORX, but found the day far more beneficial than I had expected. I enjoyed connecting with other instructors and being challenged to get out of my teaching comfort zone. Leigh made the advanced content accessible and relevant to participant-focused teaching which I’m confident will help me to meet the expectations of my members, grow my classes and help more people fall in love with fitness.  Her feedback was invaluable, and her inclusive way of educating was truly inspiring and re-engaged me with my reasons for and love of teaching Les Mills programs.” 

If you’re ready to take the next step in your Instructor journey, see the AIM training schedule here